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Digital Marketing tips for the Non-Digital business (Yes… there are some)

As our own brand originated in a coffee shop, we thought we’d share our two beans on some marketing quick wins that might be useful for independent outlets. It’s a tough time, so any little effort can make a difference, and quite honestly most of this can be applied to any retail outlet. We just happen to be fixated on coffee as are those who aren’t morning people.

An average of 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day and after Crude Oil, it’s the most globally traded commodity. Finland is the largest consumer of coffee on a per-person basis with an average of four cups a day. In fact, the Finns love coffee so much, they have mandatory coffee breaks twice a day to get their fix (we’re updating our work policy as we type).

Although in some markets the concept of the independent coffee shop has surged, more than 50% will fail in the first five years of business. Surprisingly it has nothing to do with the taste of the coffee itself (only 1% close down for bad taste). It’s actually not being business savvy which is the main reason they shut shop.

1. Don’t underestimate Google My Business (GMB). It’s the first thing we default to when looking for a place or brand.

2. Sounds obvious, but make sure your website is current and mobile friendly. If you’ve got a website, you can’t really hide it. People looking for it, will eventually come across it, especially if you have set up GMB.

3. Behold the return of the email! Assuming you collect opted in email data (big NO for spamming!), this is a great marketing tool. Customers are twice as likely to engage with an email message than a brand FB page. If you thought email was so 2016… you’re wrong.

4. Use Instagram to show BTS content and that your business is run by real people. Show the human aspect but also highlight your space and what makes you different from the generic looking coffee chains.

5. Not a digital tip… but offer more than coffee. A great place to get some work done, eco-friendly packaging, collaborate with local brands for a pop up, reach out to local influencers, run a workshop…all while being compliant with COVID-19 rules of course. It’s the local, community vibe that makes an independent coffee shop stand out from the chains.


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